Christmas Set – Zhanna vegan lashes + Transparent Eyelash Glue + Rose Applicator


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Our high quality Vegan Silk Lashes are the perfect choice for environmentally conscious people who prefer ethical and sustainable beauty products. Made from high-quality synthetic materials and designed without animal testing, they give your eyes a stunning look that is in line with your ethical principles. Thanks to their premium quality, you can use these eyelashes several times, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also easy on your wallet. Please note that the eyelash glue must be purchased separately and is not included. Dive into the world of sustainable beauty with our Vegan Silk Lashes and enjoy both a clear conscience and beautiful lashes. (Sources: True Glue, Amazon, Mademoiselle Lash, Eleven Lashes, Lotus Lashes, Doll Lifestyle, Wing It Cosmetics, SJ Lashes)


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